Why We’re a Best For The World™ B Corp of 2022

By Taylor Ray

In today’s world, the awards we should be paying attention to aren’t shiny, gold, and televised. That’s not to say the Oscars and the Emmys aren’t fun to watch, but what’s happening in the realm of business – in particular, responsible business – is equally as interesting and arguably even more consequential. To that end, we’re honored to announce that Consider Pastures has been named one of the Best For The World B Corporations of 2022 for our exceptional work in the community impact area. We’ll unpack what that means below, but first, we want to thank you, our community, for supporting better business practices when choosing our eggs. Whether you’re an early adopter, silent fan, or have made our eggs a frequent flyer in your fridge, we’re endlessly grateful for the opportunity to make a difference that spans even beyond our farms.

What is a B Corporation?

The term B Corporation (or B Corp) is short for Benefit Corporation. The movement began in 2006, jumpstarted by the nonprofit known as B Lab. The goal was to harness the power of businesses like ours as a transformative force for good, giving consumers a foolproof way to identify these better businesses and vote with their dollars in the process. B Corps measure success not just by profit, but by our positive impact on people and the planet. Today, what was once a movement is now a global and multi-industry network of Certified B Corps that have completed the rigorous B Impact Assessment (and so much more) in order to verify, via an unbiased third party, that the company is effecting real, tangible change when it comes to social and environmental impact.

What is a Best For The World™ B Corp?

To be clear, being a B Corp is a huge honor in and of itself. Earning recognition as a Best For The World B Corp means a whole lot to all of us here at Consider Pastures—and we hope it means something to you, too! Best For the World is a distinction granted by B Lab to Certified B Corps whose verified B Impact Scores in the five impact areas evaluated in the B Impact Assessment – community, customers, environment, governance, and workers – rank in the top 5% of all B Corps in their corresponding size group.

Consider Pastures has been recognized for the lasting impact we’ve had on our community. In essence, this means that we have embodied a mission-driven culture that values positive and mutually beneficial supplier relations, social initiatives, charitable giving, and both our immediate and wider-reaching communities. Let’s break down what we’ve done to achieve this:

We raise pasture-raised hens under the highest animal welfare standards possible.

Few things say more about a farm than the way its animals are treated. With the help of third-party certifier Certified Humane, our farmers are cultivating a better way to care for our pasture-raised flocks. By offering our hens a comfortable life on our holistic farms, we’re paving the way for delicious eggs that are better for you, too.

Our farmers leave their land better than they found it.

At Consider, adopting a holistic approach to egg farming isn’t just a trend—it’s a lifestyle. We support each of our partner farms with the resources necessary for going against the grain of conventional agriculture in pursuit of healthier flocks, better eggs, and a thriving natural ecosystem.


We give 1% back to the planet.

When your work is as tied to a healthy planet as ours is, it’s important to invest in organizations and initiatives working to protect our farms’ natural landscapes. By partnering with 1% for the Planet, we join a global network of organizations, individuals, and businesses like our own in tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.


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