10 Regenerative Agriculture Podcasts to Listen to This Weekend

By Taylor Ray

Although it’s common sense in principle, regenerative agriculture is a new topic for most people. And what’s the best way to learn about the complexities of these holistic farming practices? From the experts themselves, of course. Farmers, scientists, writers, and people from numerous fields and various walks of life make up the hosts and guests of the following podcasts, in which the topic of conversation varies from carbon sequestration to intersectional feminism in farming. So pop in your earbuds while you water your houseplants, take an evening soak in the tub, or make breakfast while you learn about a movement that has the potential to quite literally change the world.

1. Thriving Farmer Podcast

Host Michael Kilpatrick is an Ohio-based farmer with a passion for helping aspiring farmers start and grow their own successful businesses. Kilpatrick inspires listeners by celebrating the benefits of regenerative, organic, and sustainable practices while educating on topics as specific as no-till farming and as broad as the future of our planet. If you’re new to regenerative agriculture, consider starting with this episode guest starring Jeff Moyer of Rodale Institute.

2. Down to Earth Podcast

This self-described “plate to planet” podcast from the Quivira Coalition harps on the importance of practical, innovative solutions to the climate crisis, exploring the industrial food system’s relationship with global warming. A thread of positivity and hope for the future underscores every episode, in which guests range from farmers and ranchers to writers and land managers.

3. Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Although larger scale growers are the intended audience of this podcast, the information proves valuable even to the humble gardener or eager-to-learn listener. Host John Kempf brings in hosts from all over the world to discuss soil degradation, soil analysis, and the journey towards eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers on our planet.

4. Female Farmer Project

Female Farmer Project serves as a platform for women to discuss agricultural issues while empowering and elevating the voices of female farmers on a global scale. Topics of discussion include tips and real-world applications for transitioning to regenerative farming practices, plus women’s issues as they relate to farming, intersectional feminism in agriculture, racial discrimination and inequity in the industry, and land access and ownership.

5. The Permaculture Podcast

It’s been running for more than a decade for a reason: The Permaculture Podcast makes a strong case for fundamental shifts in the agricultural industry via small, collective changes with a big impact. While creator Scott Mann and co-host David Bilbrey focus on permaculture more than regenerative agriculture, the two are not mutually exclusive. Each episode weaves philosophies of both approaches to land management into robust discussion.

6. Ground Cover

In Ground Cover, hosts from the Australia-based Regenerative Agriculture Alliance and Southern Cross University map the transition from conventional to regenerative farming; what it looks like, how to do it successfully, and the challenges and opportunities that come with it. Hosts who have undertaken the transition themselves share valuable, honest insights with the intention of helping fellow farmers make informed decisions about their own land.

7. Biological Farming Roundtable

In this podcast, host Nakala Maddock calls in farmers and consumers alike, illustrating the enormous and positive impact that regenerative agriculture can have on every individual via interviews with farmers who are already following its principles. In particular, Maddock explores the science behind it all in a digestible, easy to understand way. Chemical output reduction, water cycles, and nutrient integrity are just the beginning. Not sure where to start? This episode on carbon farming is kind of life changing. Pun intended.

8. The Regenerative Journey

Developed by Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, this educational podcast welcomes a wide variety of guests to share their perspective on the world with host Charlie Arnott. It’s a great place to start if you’re totally new to regenerative agriculture and feel like your head might explode if you hear another scientific term that gives you flashbacks to high school. It’s a low-key, inclusive space for anyone with a tinge of curiosity, no matter how much you know about farming.

9. The Gold Shaw Farm Podcast

Based in Peacham, VT, host and duck whisperer Morgan Gold describes his podcast as a collection of “stories about homesteading, farming, and chasing dreams.” From his charming, rustic corner of the world, he invites fellow farmers and families who are chasing their own homesteading dreams to share their stories – uplifting accounts, trials and tribulations, and everything in between – with his dedicated audience.

10. No-Till Farmer Podcast

It’s a lifestyle, not a phase, mom. No-till farming is a cornerstone of regenerative agriculture, and it’s a great place to start if you’re new to the topic. No-Till Farmer Podcast takes a deeper dive into no-till farming than you ever thought possible, with every episode geared towards helping farmers make a living while planting, fertilizing, managing residue, and protecting crops without the use of tilling.


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